sweet treats and ice cream giveaway winner

ice creambowls | ice cream scoop | spoons | thank you cards 

art | towel | pencil box

notebook | spoons | sweatshirt

Is there anything more summer than ice cream? I’ll never forget the week I spent on Kiawah Island with my family. We had ice cream every night. We tried a different creamery each night. My favorite was called Beaches and Cream. :) Above, I rounded up a few gifts for the ice cream lovers in your life. A few of these would make a cute summer birthday gift and others would be perfect for a hostess gift.


Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the ice cream giveaway! I am excited to announce the winner! Remember, if you win, you get to choose a gift card to your favorite ice cream parlor. Email me at laurlovespink@gmail.com and don’t forget to include your address so I know where to send it. : ) Scroll down to find out if you won!

And the winner is…


@marci24611!!!!!!!! Congratulations Marci!!!! :D Happy National Ice Cream Day!!!!!! :*)

P.S. What’s your favorite flavor? I have two: black cherry and banana cream pie. : )


2 thoughts on “sweet treats and ice cream giveaway winner

  1. hi lauren! thank you so very much for holding an ice cream give away. . . and for choosing me!!! 😃 your posts are beautiful and very creative! per your request, I would love to have a Handles gift card! thanks so much!

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