my favorites: 2015 academy awards


Did you watch the Oscars last night? My favorite part is, of course, the fashion. I was a little disappointed because the red carpet was almost over and I hadn’t seen any gowns that I loved. Then, I saw Gwyneth Palthrow’s dress. It was love at first sight. From the color to the fit to the styling, it was pure perfection – so feminine and simply stunning. When Jennifer Lopez showed up the first word that came to mind was “princess.” I’m sure it had something to do with the ballgown covered in pearls, stones, and sequins, and the way she seemed to float down the red carpet, but I also loved her long, wavy pony tail. I was waiting all night for Reese to appear – she is my favorite. This look reminded me so much of her 2011 Oscars look, which I also loved. Obviously, she went with a black and white color scheme again, but her hairstyle and jewelry are also similar. I loved her hair in 2011! I feel like this was a little more “grown up” version. I would probably include Reese on my list no matter what she was wearing because she always seems to be smiling. As previously mentioned, I have a thing for long-sleeved dresses and Chrissy Teigen’s was no exception. The pale blue color was so pretty and the jewel embellishments made her sparkle like an ice queen. I am definitely not a “red” girl but I just think Rosamund Pike is gorgeous. While this isn’t a dress I would choose to wear – mainly because of the color – I thought Rosamund looked beautiful. The fit was flawless and I love that she kept her look simple and clean. With her hair off of her face, she looked fresh and naturally beautiful.