winter wonderland

winter wonderland

blanket | curtains | mirror | chair | throw | pillow

ottoman | tray | vase | mug

sofa | pillow | baby it’s cold outside pillow | rugside table | oval frame | frame

snowflake lantern | lantern | basket | rug 

Everyone is always in a rush to take their Christmas decor down. I will probably take mine down this weekend, but it is something that I never look forward to. The house is always so warm and cozy at Christmas time and after the decorations are gone, it seems as though that warm and cozy feeling disappears too. It always looks so bare and can feel a little “cold.” So, I was thinking about what I could do to fix that. As someone who loves snow, I imagine bringing some of the magic inside to create a cozy winter wonderland.

A while back I did a post on my dream living room. I thought I would use the same major pieces of furniture (couch, chair, ottoman, end table) and add touches of gray and light blue to give the room an “icy” look. (With plenty of soft pillows and warm blankets around, it only looks “icy”). ; ) One of the reasons why I chose an ivory couch (everyone thinks I’m crazy) is because I plan on accenting my living room with different colors throughout the year (usually light pink:)). During the holidays, I added gold and silver. I have purchased some of the items above for my winter wonderland look. What do you think? Do you like this look? How do you “cope” with taking down Christmas decorations? : )


my dream living room

dream living room 1

Couch / Be Lead By Your Dreams PillowCoffee Table / Bookcase / Throw

Chair / French Script Pillow / Side Table / Eiffel Tower / Chair / Pillow

Chest / Ottoman

dream living room 2

Chair / PillowOttoman / Tray

I am moving next week and I can’t wait to start decorating my new place! My dream living room is “light and airy.” I think going with an ivory and gray color scheme will help me achieve that feel/look. Of course, there will be pops of pink here and there:) I had to post two collages because I couldn’t decide which I liked more –  the Parisian Ottoman or the Paris Accent Chair. This is my dream living room because I will be looking for less expensive versions of the items above. If you’d like, you can follow my Pinterest board for my living room here. If you are browsing and find anything, tag me! :)