fourth of july popsicles








As mentioned once or twice, ;*) the Fourth of July is my favorite holiday! I don’t make a special treat every year – last year I made a centerpiece and in years past I’ve made decorations – but when I found these popsicles on Pinterest I couldn’t resist! My mom helped me with the strawberry ones and I handled the blueberry on my own the next day. I have yet to try a blueberry but I taste tested a strawberry and it was delicious! They were not difficult to make at all!

You can find the strawberry cheesecake popsicle recipe here. Thanks Jackie!

Follow this link to the blueberry cheesecake popsicle recipe. Thanks Arlene!

Happy Fourth of July everyone! : )


p.s. i love valentine’s day cards

valentine's day cards

1  2  3  4  5  6

7  8  9  10  11  12  13

14  15  16  17  18

19  20  21  22


Since I missed sending Christmas cards this year : ( I am already preparing for Valentine’s Day. I put this post together last year and it was one of my favorites so I thought I would do it again. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. If you don’t have time to make homemade valentines, there are plenty of cute options out there. Don’t ask me to choose a favorite because I can’t. : )

gift guide giveaway winner

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the gift guide giveaway! I am so excited to announce the winner! Remember, if you win, you get to choose one of the items from the gift guide below. Email me at and let me know what you would like. : ) If it’s a clothing item, make sure you include size and color, if it’s the personalized stationery, include color and your initials, if it’s the fair isle throw, again, let me know color… you get the idea. : ) Don’t forget to send me your address as well so I know where to send it. : ) Scroll down to find out if you won!


oversized scarf | graphic t-shirt

slipper socks | fair isle slipper sock | desk pad

umbrella | stationery (also love this) | fair isle throw | throw

journal | stationeryjogger | pajama pants


And the winner is…

photo 4

Congratulations, Maggie!!!!!!!! I am so excited for you!!!! I can’t wait to see what you choose! Merry (early) Christmas!!!!!! :*)

P.S. Did you guys like this gift guide giveaway? Should I do it again? Do you like being able to choose from a variety of items? Let me know!

gift guide: friend and giveaway


oversized scarf | graphic t-shirt

slipper socks | fair isle slipper sock | desk pad

umbrella | stationery (also love this) | fair isle throw | throw

journal | stationeryjogger | pajama pants (also like these)


I am SO excited about today’s gift guide because you have a chance to win one of these items!!!!!! This is my small way of saying “thank you” for following along (and Merry Christmas!) The winner will be announced one week from today. In order to enter, follow me on instagram here, find the photo of this gift guide and tag three friends. For an additional entry, regram the photo with the hastag #fromlaurtome and just for fun, let me know what you would choose! Remember to check back next Monday to see if you won! : )

All of the items on the list above would make the perfect gift for a friend. Sometimes, it’s difficult to determine what size to buy someone, which is why you can’t go wrong with pajamas. When it comes to lounge wear, fit isn’t the number one priority; comfy-ness is. If you live in a cold-weather state and are anything like me, all I want to do this time of year is curl up on the couch with a warm blanket, cozy socks and a good book or movie. The socks above are on my Christmas wish list and so are the pink slippers from Victoria’s Secret. I also love both of the blankets from Target. As you might be able to tell, I have an obsession with cute note cards, journals, stationery, calendars, etc. It might be the teacher side of me, but I love getting those things and also think they make great gifts. When you personalize something, it adds a little extra and lets your friend know you were thinking especially of them. This umbrella was too cute not to include. Last but not least, blanket and oversized scarves are the thing to have this fall/winter. They come in a variety of colors and patterns and I am sure you could find one to fit your friend’s style.

Remember, you have one week to enter the contest! Ready, set, go! : )


gift guide: for the little ones

little girl

sweater dress | pajamas

tunic | glitter loafers | tights

cake | coat| tulle skirt, metallic skirt, tulle skirt

skirt | gloves | puzzle | sweater | tee | princess dress

rain bootssweatshirt 1, 2 | game | booklittle guy

sleeping bag | jacket | hat

tool set | train setsneaker

pajamas 1, 2 | rain boots | cardiganracecar carrier

I have two more gift guides for you today! These ones were so much fun to make! As you can see, I didn’t have any trouble finding gifts for girls. Everything is just so cute! The girls I babysit love to a) dress up in princess dresses  who doesn’t? b) read<3 c) put puzzles together (I got them this one two years ago) and d) play games, so obviously all of those things made the list. They also get really excited about pajamas and anything sparkly. I have a feeling they would die over these personalized glitter loafers. No gift guide for a little girl is complete without a tulle skirt… or 2 or 3:)

I figured boys probably like pajamas too and I’ve always loved these Pottery Barn sleeping bags. When I saw these fireman rain boots, I knew they would make the cut and I have a things for varsity jackets. It didn’t feel like a Christmas gift guide without a toy train set so that made the list as well.

Shopping for the little ones in my life is my favorite, but that is probably because of all of the hugs that come after they tear into the wrapping paper:)

gift guide: for your sister (part 2)

sister 3

scarf | jeanssneakers | charmstop

scarf | clutch | scarf | training hoodie

boots | hooded sweater | sweatpantstraining tights

Two sisters equals two “for your sister” gift guides. Today, I am sharing a gift guide I made with my sister, Lindsey, in mind. Even though my sisters and I each have different styles, we all still borrow each others’ clothes. Funny how that works. : ) Linds is definitely a “girl on the girl.” She likes to work out and is always doing something, but likes to be comfortable while doing it. All of the items above are just that, comfy.

Since the temperature in Ohio has definitely dropped, I think the nicest gift you can get someone this year is a big, comfy, oversized scarf to keep warm this winter. I usually ask my sisters to make wishlists, but I also make sure I listen extra closely during this time of year in case they mention anything. I know that Lindsey has been looking for black ripped skinny jeans. I like the ones above, but I would add a couple more rips to them. Whenever I see the color army green I think of my sister which is why these Puma sneakers made the list. I think they are comfortable (for a girl on the go) but also stylish. I’m not sure if my sister will think these motivational shoe charms are cute or cheesy (probably the later) but I think they’re fun! Everyone needs a good plaid shirt… or two or three… Stripes and checks are definitely in this season and the black and olive color of the striped scarf reminded me of Linds; the checked scarf just looks cozy. I thought the tribal embroidered clutch was really cute, but my favorite items on this list are the Nike training hoodie and tights. (I might start working out just yet!) My sister found the boots you see above and I love them!!!! A hooded sweater and “loved” sweatpants round out this gift guide. One thing not on this list that I really like is this Anthropologie Feathered Cuff. (Get it now because it’s on sale!)

Have you guys started your Christmas shopping yet? Do you prefer to shop in stores or online? 

holiday gift guide: for the edgy girl


This gift guide is for the edgy/cool girl. My other sister loves black, anything studded and all things “moto” – motorcycle boots, jackets, etc. She is who I had in mind when I put together this gift guide. My closet is filled with items that look more like the ones on my gift guide for the girly girl, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love borrowing my sister’s  pieces from time to time.

edgy girl png

Forever 21 Faux Leather Varsity Jacket (sold out) / I have two sisters and between the three of us, we have at least four, probably more, varsity jackets. We love them! My sister loves army green and I immediately thought of her when I saw this.

Ladakh Runaway Baseball Tee / Another thing we love: baseball tees! So comfy!

Lovers + Friends Boyfriend Button Up Blouse / I recently bought this jacket in the same plaid print. I don’t think my sister would ever wear it, but I think she would wear this plaid button up, especially because of the stud accents on the pockets.

Steve Madden ‘Monicaa’ Boot / No explanation necessary:)

Express Studded Skull Tuxedo Flat / Another thing my “edgy” sister loves: skulls! I bought my first pair of smoking slippers this fall and love wearing them! Mine are leopard and I love throwing them on to add a little “pop” to my outfit. I think these ones would do the same.

Krisa Coated Tunic Moto Vest / I think this is my favorite item on the list and it is on sale!

MinkPink Struck Oil Legging / I thought these leggings were different and would be fun to wear on a night out.

Truly Madly Deeply Skull & Horns Floral Muscle Tee / My sister loves these shirts! She wears them all summer long with different color cutoffs. The skull and horns reminded me of Texas, where my sister recently moved.

Anthropologie Beaded Smoking Slippers / My sister actually found these when we were shopping in San Antonio. I think they are fun.

Forever 21 High-Voltage Studded Booties / I was looking at these for me, but I think my sister would wear them a lot more than I would. She likes to wear boots with shorts and I think these would look cute with shorts (or pants).

holiday gift guide: for the girly girl

If you have a girly girl in your life who loves pink, Paris and pretty prints, check out the gift guide below. It is filled with items for the girly girl at heart. I had my sister in mind when creating this gift guide and I may or may not be hiding a few of these items away until Christmas morning. Shhh! :*)

girly girl

Bonjour print / Super cute!

Victoria’s Secret Fireside Long Jane Pajama / How comfy and cozy do these pajamas look?

Simple Bow Knuckle Ring / Just like the description reads, this ring is “simple but cute.” You may be thinking “how do I know what size to get?” but most knuckle rings only come in one size.

May Designs Book / This agenda/address book/journal is totally customizable, which makes this gift personal and fun!

Converse Floral Print /!

Knitted Bow Headband / The girly girl in my life is in college and I know this will keep her warm when walking to class on chilly winter days.

Flower Print Sweater / Tribal print sweaters are everywhere, yet they are sometimes hard to find! I love the colors in this one and the fringe!

ASOS Pardon Moi Sweater / Pullover mignons jamais! (et le plus poli:))

Sparkling Eiffel Tower iPhone Case / Because really, who doesn’t want a sparkling Eiffel Tower case for their iPhone?

One Kings Lane Hepburn “Paris” Pillow / My sister visited Paris last year and I know she wholeheartedly agrees:)

holiday gift guide: for your bff

There are still 14 days before Christmas so if you haven’t gotten your bestie a gift yet, don’t worry! I have put together a list of 10 things I think any BFF would love to receive. 

holiday gift guide bffPersonalized Hand Stamped Necklace / I love this hand stamped necklace!

Confetti Monogram Note Set / A couple of my friends are teachers and I always find myself giving them little notepads and desk accessories. I saw these note cards and fell in love with them. (Since one of my teacher friends loves the color teal, I have a pretty good feeling she will like these).

Crystalline Hair Ties / These pretty hair ties would be perfect for a New Year’s Eve party.

Gold Bow Bangle / Sometimes, it’s hard to choose jewelry for a friend, but I think this bow bracelet is so simple that almost anyone would love it.

Rosa iPhone Case / Everyone likes to swap out their old iPhone case for a new one every now and again.

Wooden Chalkboard Clips / One of my friends loves to cook and bake. I thought these wooden chalkboard clips were cute and know she would find something cute to do with them.

3-D Toile Apron / I had the same friend in mind when I saw this pretty apron.

Heart Sequin Pouch / How cute is this? I can always use little pouches to hold my lip gloss and I figure my friends probably do as well. If I were giving this to a friend, I would fill it full of goodies like lip gloss and Essie nail polish:)

Faux Fur Throw / This looks both warm and stylish and is currently on sale! (I totally think it’s ok to pick up a few things for yourself while Christmas shopping. One for you… one for me:))

Darling Text Multi Gloves / Since we live in Ohio (brrr!), I know my friends would get a lot of use out of these over the new few months. They would make braving the cold weather a little bit more bearable.

it’s christmas time again

One of my favorite Christmas songs is called “It’s Christmas Time Again.” The song lists all of the things that let us know it’s Christmas time… “lights are shining… outside there’s a sleigh ride… a choir begins to sing… milk and cookies by the tree.” I am in no way capable of song writing, but I am pretty good at making lists. December 1 on my calendar always reads “it’s Christmas time again” and since December 1 was just the other day, I have been thinking about all of the things I am excited to do this holiday season. There are some traditions that we have done for years and others that we have added over the years (like watching Elf), but they are all a part of why I love the Christmas season. So, without further ado, these are a few of my favorite things… :)

favorite things