fourth of july popsicles








As mentioned once or twice, ;*) the Fourth of July is my favorite holiday! I don’t make a special treat every year – last year I made a centerpiece and in years past I’ve made decorations – but when I found these popsicles on Pinterest I couldn’t resist! My mom helped me with the strawberry ones and I handled the blueberry on my own the next day. I have yet to try a blueberry but I taste tested a strawberry and it was delicious! They were not difficult to make at all!

You can find the strawberry cheesecake popsicle recipe here. Thanks Jackie!

Follow this link to the blueberry cheesecake popsicle recipe. Thanks Arlene!

Happy Fourth of July everyone! : )


p.s. i love red, white & blue

red white and blue

red: skater dress, trapeze dressstripe espadrille

white: fit & flare dress, high top sneaker, eyelet romper, lace sandal, lace skirt

blue: romper (also in white), chambray shirt (sleeveless version here), sweater (another version here), cutoff shorts

Omgoodness, I haven’t blogged in so long! Leave it to my favorite holiday to bring me back from my blogging break. This fourth of July is making me a little sad though as I won’t be spending it with both my sisters. :*( Without intentionally coordinating, my sisters and I never show up in the same color – one of us is in red, one in white, and the other in blue and it makes for the best picture. P.S. Don’t we have the best colors/flag? :*) Last year, I splurged on these sandals and you can bet I’ll be wearing them again this year.

I usually opt for a dress but when I found these shorts and this shirt last year, I couldn’t resist. I also went to a picnic on the fifth so I got to wear two fourth of July outfits. : ) I sized way up in this sweater and wore it as a dress!

This year, I’m going with a romper. I think one of the reasons why I love the fourth of July is because it is always super easy to find something to wear! There are so many cute summer dresses and rompers everywhere. I always look for something comfy and bring a jean jacket or sweater to throw on at the end of the night when it cools off. What will you be wearing this fourth of July?

p.s. i love red, white & blue

ps i love red white and blueRed: romper, crop top & skirt
White: swing dress, maxi dress, jumpsuit
Blue: shorts, embroidered floral shorts, jumpsuit
Shoes: espadrilles, sandals

The Fourth of July is my favorite! I think I love America’s birthday even more than my own! One of my favorite parts is planning my outfit. I always make sure I have something red, white and/or blue to wear. Last year, without even planning it, my sisters’s outfits and mine worked out perfectly! The year before that might have been my favorite Fourth of July outfit). If you are still searching for something patriotic, I hope this list helps! I will be wearing two items on this list. I am crossing my fingers that the sandals arrive in time. Can you guess what I am pairing them with?