i heart u valentines


laur loves pink i heart u valentines red laur loves pink i heart u valentines pink

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Happy February! Isn’t February the best month? ;*) I am totally biased but I.love.February. Besides the fact that my birthday just happens to fall during this month, February is my favorite because of all of the pink! I don’t really believe in celebrating birthdays or holidays. Instead, I tend to celebrate months. A whole month dedicated to love? I’m in! :*) I also love that my birthday comes a few days before Valentine’s Day. After everyone showers me with love and gifts on the 11th, I get to return the favor on the 14th. : )

I got started on my valentines early this year. You might have seen this picture on Instagram a few weeks ago. These were soo easy to make! After I printed and cut them out, I hot glued a small bow on top and that was it! I also made a pink version (duh) and have a cute photo to share but I can’t show you guys just yet. (One of my reader’s Valentine’s Day gift may also be in the picture and I don’t want to spoil the surprise). Happy February!


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