ponytail inspiration

ponytail inspiration

I’ve always been a little envious (ok, more than a little) of Jennifer Aniston’s perfectly tousled waves. When I saw she added a ribbon to her ponytail last week (see below), I immediately decided I am not too old to wear ribbons in my hair as I previously thought. I began searching Pinterest for inspiration and was pleasantly surprised when I found countless “grown up” ways to incorporate a ribbon into your favorite hairstyle. I was surprised at how chic the ribbons actually look (a la Kate Middleton). Lately, I’m all about layering (sweaters, capes, scarves) mostly in an effort to stay warm. I tend to reach for neutral knits this time of year – ivory, heather grey, etc. I can’t wait to add a ribbon to my everyday look to give it an overall soft, feminine feel. Hey, if the Duchess of Cambridge is doing it… : )

Picture2 Picture1

What do you think of these looks? Do these photos have you searching through your ribbon drawer?


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