gift guide: for your sister (part 2)

sister 3

scarf | jeanssneakers | charmstop

scarf | clutch | scarf | training hoodie

boots | hooded sweater | sweatpantstraining tights

Two sisters equals two “for your sister” gift guides. Today, I am sharing a gift guide I made with my sister, Lindsey, in mind. Even though my sisters and I each have different styles, we all still borrow each others’ clothes. Funny how that works. : ) Linds is definitely a “girl on the girl.” She likes to work out and is always doing something, but likes to be comfortable while doing it. All of the items above are just that, comfy.

Since the temperature in Ohio has definitely dropped, I think the nicest gift you can get someone this year is a big, comfy, oversized scarf to keep warm this winter. I usually ask my sisters to make wishlists, but I also make sure I listen extra closely during this time of year in case they mention anything. I know that Lindsey has been looking for black ripped skinny jeans. I like the ones above, but I would add a couple more rips to them. Whenever I see the color army green I think of my sister which is why these Puma sneakers made the list. I think they are comfortable (for a girl on the go) but also stylish. I’m not sure if my sister will think these motivational shoe charms are cute or cheesy (probably the later) but I think they’re fun! Everyone needs a good plaid shirt… or two or three… Stripes and checks are definitely in this season and the black and olive color of the striped scarf reminded me of Linds; the checked scarf just looks cozy. I thought the tribal embroidered clutch was really cute, but my favorite items on this list are the Nike training hoodie and tights. (I might start working out just yet!) My sister found the boots you see above and I love them!!!! A hooded sweater and “loved” sweatpants round out this gift guide. One thing not on this list that I really like is this Anthropologie Feathered Cuff. (Get it now because it’s on sale!)

Have you guys started your Christmas shopping yet? Do you prefer to shop in stores or online? 


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