steal her style | rosie huntington-whiteley

steal her style rosie

Poncho (poncho in pictureanother option) / Jeans / Fedora / Boots

I love this look! Ponchos are one of my favorite ways to bundle up and keep warm during the colder months. Ever since I saw this picture I have been looking for a less expensive version of a blanket poncho. I finally found one that I love and it looks just as cozy as the one Rosie is wearing (and it’s about $1,300 less!)  The one thing that I will splurge on is boots. I’ve never really been a “shoe girl” but I have always been a “boot girl.” I can never make it through the fall/winter season without buying at least one (or two or three) new pairs. I don’t mind spending money on boots because 1) between myself, my mom and my two sisters, I definitely get my money’s worth and 2) they last forever! I have a Michael Kors pair that I bought in 2006 and am still wearing!


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