p.s. i love these instagram accounts

ps i love

amanda suzanne marshall

Who: Amanda / Website: Marshalls Abroad / Why you should follow: You will wish she was your personal chef:) Plus, she takes you along on all of her adventures.

dr bobby bones

Who: Ruby’s dad / Website: Oh Joy! / Why you should follow: As if Ruby isn’t cute enough, his captions are the best.


Who: Faye / Website: Farfelue / Why you should follow: She lives in Paris!

han shaffer

Who: Hannah / Website: Capture It, Remember It / Why you should follow: She’s cute:*) If she’s not taking pictures with flowers, she wearing them:)

laura peach

Who: Laura / Website: Pinketcetera / Why you should follow: The prettiest Instagram ever

stripes and peonies

Who: Gracey / Website: Stripes and Peonies / Why you should follow: My favorite Instagram account out of all of the fashion and lifestyle bloggers I follow. If you don’t already follow her, do so ASAP as she is in Paris right now!

tori hendrix

Who: Tori / Website: Sitting in a  Tree Design / Why you should follow: Two words: Lucca Valentine

On Fridays I like to share things that I love and this Friday I thought I would share some of the Instagram accounts I love to follow. I would love to find out who inspires you! Leave your favorite accounts in the comments below!

P.S. If you don’t already, follow me on Instagram here!


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