spring things: espadrilles


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I recently purchased these floral espadrilles and have been wearing them ever since (except when it’s raining). I love throwing them on to run errands because they are so comfy. Espadrilles come in lots of different prints and patterns, which makes them fun to mix and match with your wardrobe. I recently paired mine with a striped shirt. (See here). Even though I don’t need another pair, I am dreaming of having a closet filled with espadrilles. Which ones from the list above would be in your closet?


6 thoughts on “spring things: espadrilles

  1. I love espadrilles but have never owned a pair. Tried on a pair this past weekend and they felt so comfy – now I’m regretting not getting them. Ughhh! I love the blue ones with the bow!

    • Those are my favorite too! : ) I bought my first pair this spring and am so glad I did! I bet you can still find a pair you like before spring is over (maybe even on sale!) : )

      • Yes I have to get me a pair – I think all of us women should have at least one essential pair as a fashion must. But of course I’m so behind on this trend – I hope I can still find a pair I like soon.

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