graphic tees

graphic tees

Oh My Chic Tee / Je T’aime’ Tee / Destination Tee / I Heart Paris Tee

You and Me T-Shirt / Heather French Tee (Bonjour) / Fashionably Late Tee / Kisses Tee

Graphic tees are everywhere these days. I have never really been a t-shirt girl but they are so cute I just might have to add one or two to my wardrobe. Obviously, one great thing about them is that they are comfortable. I think another great thing about graphic tees is that they are so versatile. You can style them any way you choose! See below! Which look is your favorite?graphic tee style it withLeather Pants Look (perfect for a night out): ASOS Peg Pant in Faux Leather / Olive and Piper Necklace

Distressed Denim Look (perfect for a day on the go): One Teaspoon Dirt Outlaw Shorts / Chinese Laundry Flats

Short Suit Look (perfect for a summer day at the office): Forever 21 Floral Satin Pleated Short

Midi Skirt Look (perfect for date night): Dorothy Perkins Midi Skirt / J Crew Belt


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