my favorites: 2014 academy awards

academy awards5. I have been seeing embellished nude dresses everywhere lately and I love them! This dress looked even more beautiful when Cate walked onstage to accept her Oscar. The way the lights hit the embellishments and made the whole dress sparkle was stunning.

4. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a lace dress in this silhouette before. I really liked this look. Julia’s lighter hair was a pleasant surprise and I thought she looked lovely.

3. Another embellished nude dress! I looove the long sleeves! I also love the pointed toe shoe peeping out from under the dress.

2. This the dress that I would wear to the Academy Awards! It’s pink (blush)!!!! I was speechless when I saw Camila. I have loved her choices this whole awards season but this one left me swooning.

1. This was Lupita’s night. She was Cinderella. I am so happy for her! She is so cute and classy and just so beautiful! It’s a little hard to tell but I am pretty sure her dress even sparkles. You can just tell she felt like a princess by the way she carried herself and her dress. So elegant and flawless. I am so glad her night ended happily ever after:)

lupita 3


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