serious sequins









4Asos Peplum Top / Forever 21 Bow Belt / Anthopologie Love Note Cuff / Sequin Leggings / Victoria’s Secret Pumps / Michael Kors Coat

I am so excited to share pictures from my birthday last week! It was the best day:) My family always goes above and beyond to make me feel loved and special on my birthday (and everyday, really) and this year was no exception. My sister spent I don’t even know how many hours making a tassel garland and skipped class to spend the day with me. My mom made me strawberry waffles for breakfast and also spent the day with me. My grandma took everyone to dinner and my other sister sent these (which I love!) and even FaceTimed when it was time to sing happy birthday, make a wish and blow out my fancy heart sparkler wand candle.

These leggings were definitely meant for the birthday girl or maybe someone celebrating on New Year’s Eve. The top isn’t something I would normally wear, but I thought I would try it after seeing a picture of someone else pair it with sequin pants. I knew I wanted to wear at least a little bit of color but wasn’t sure I liked the shoes with the leggings until I found the perfect little belt to tie the whole outfit together. It is so much fun to dress up and even though I won’t be wearing these pants very often, I think they were worth it to feel like the birthday girl (even though my family pretty much takes care of that on their own). :)


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