holiday gift guide: for your bff

There are still 14 days before Christmas so if you haven’t gotten your bestie a gift yet, don’t worry! I have put together a list of 10 things I think any BFF would love to receive. 

holiday gift guide bffPersonalized Hand Stamped Necklace / I love this hand stamped necklace!

Confetti Monogram Note Set / A couple of my friends are teachers and I always find myself giving them little notepads and desk accessories. I saw these note cards and fell in love with them. (Since one of my teacher friends loves the color teal, I have a pretty good feeling she will like these).

Crystalline Hair Ties / These pretty hair ties would be perfect for a New Year’s Eve party.

Gold Bow Bangle / Sometimes, it’s hard to choose jewelry for a friend, but I think this bow bracelet is so simple that almost anyone would love it.

Rosa iPhone Case / Everyone likes to swap out their old iPhone case for a new one every now and again.

Wooden Chalkboard Clips / One of my friends loves to cook and bake. I thought these wooden chalkboard clips were cute and know she would find something cute to do with them.

3-D Toile Apron / I had the same friend in mind when I saw this pretty apron.

Heart Sequin Pouch / How cute is this? I can always use little pouches to hold my lip gloss and I figure my friends probably do as well. If I were giving this to a friend, I would fill it full of goodies like lip gloss and Essie nail polish:)

Faux Fur Throw / This looks both warm and stylish and is currently on sale! (I totally think it’s ok to pick up a few things for yourself while Christmas shopping. One for you… one for me:))

Darling Text Multi Gloves / Since we live in Ohio (brrr!), I know my friends would get a lot of use out of these over the new few months. They would make braving the cold weather a little bit more bearable.


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