travel essentials


I recently flew to Texas to visit my sister. While it was a short plane ride, I always bring an over-sized bag that consists of the same travel essentials whether I’m on a plane for 14 hours or 4. I always dress in layers when traveling. This cozy sweater from Victoria’s Secret doubles as a blanket:) Besides the usual things you would find in my travel tote, like my iPhone (and charger and earphones) and wallet, I always keep a little notebook with me to write things down. (I am always making lists). A brush, comb, bobby pins, and hair ties are things I always carry with me. I recently purchased these and they were the perfect way to separate all of my travel essentials. The smallest one was perfect for the hair items I just mentioned. The medium sized one held my lip balm, lip gloss, cough drops, and Tic Tacs and in the largest one, I stored my toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, deodorant, face wipes, lotion, and hand sanitizer. The last two items in my bag are my makeup case and an extra pair of socks. Sometimes, I wear flats when traveling and my feet get cold on the plane so I always make sure to throw a pair of socks in my bag. What is the one item you don’t dare travel without:)?

travel essentials


One-Button Cardigan Sweater (on sale) / Floral Heart – in Cream iPhone Case / Kate Spade Beacon Court Lacey Wallet / Vintage Blossom Notebook Set / Striped Paddle Brush / Michael Kors ‘Jet Set – Large’ Travel Tote / Cosmetic Pouch Set (on sale) / VS Stripe Travel Roll / Heart Hair Pin Set / Flower Power Ankle Socks / Multitude Hair Ties (pearl)


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