rain rain don’t go away


Last year I received my favorite gift ever (besides sentimental ones) from my sister. She got me these. It’s now almost a year later and I am still obsessed with them. I actually hope that it rains so that I can wear them! I love my rain boots and would wear them every day if I could, but since October, I have been feeling a little “funny” wearing them. While the bright colors and floral pattern is what I love most about them, the combination does not really work with my fall wardrobe. So, I have searched for the perfect fall rain boot and have found a couple of options. I haven’t decided which one I like best yet. Can you help? :) Which is your favorite?


1. Joules Womens Premium Rain Boot, Navy 2. Burberry Rain Boots – Clemence Check 3. Joules Womens Printed Rain Boot, Navy Floral 4. Brown Rose Rain Boots

5. Hunter Original Tall Rain Boots 6. Hunter Rain Boots – British Flag 7. Burberry Check Panel Rain Boots 8. Chooka Women’s Classy Dot Rain Boots


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