trend report: drop waist dresses

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE dresses! (I have dresses for teaching, dresses for interviews, dresses I throw on to wear to the gas station… no, really :) Even though I enjoy putting outfits together, sometimes I just.can’t. With a dress, your outfit is pretty much put together. You just need to throw on a pair of shoes and maybe a couple of bracelets or a necklace and you are all set. One dress style that I have been seeing more and more of lately is the drop waist dress. I have a white lace one that I wore to the beach in the summer. As you can see below, the drop waist dress comes in many different colors, patterns, and prints. I think this one would make the perfect holiday party dress, and this one just says “fall.” I am dreaming of wearing this one to my bridal shower and this one is on my slightly more realistic wish list. Which is your favorite?

drop waist dressesTibi Quilted Matlasse Satin Binding Dress / Alice by Temperley Regalia Mini Dress / Anna Sui Klimt Print Tank Dress / Harlyn Drop Waist Cut-Out Dress / Lipsy Tweed Skater Dress with Drop Waist / Panel Pep Hem Cut Out Dress / Ecote Cameron Drop-Waist Shirtdress / Lipsy Drop Waist Dress with Jewel Neckline / 18 & East Drop Waist Dress


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