a pleated skirt

IMG_2372Forever 21 Chambray Shirt / Forever 21 Pleated Skirt (old, similar here) / Steve Madden Handbag (old, similar here) / Liz Claiborne Leopard Flats (old, similar here)

So I recently heard about the 80/20 rule: we tend to wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time. I am definitely guilty of this! One of my go-to pieces is a denim shirt. (I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that I own four, BUT one of them is floral print, so really, it’s more like three:)) I think I reach for my denim shirt so often because 1. well, it’s comfy, and 2. it’s such a basic piece that it can be styled with almost anything!

I think the look above is ideal for a Monday. I don’t know about you, but it’s always hard for me to get out of bed on Monday mornings. So, I tend to start off the work week by wearing an outfit that is “cute but cas” (casual). This means no heels! I have had these leopard flats for over six years! I like that they are pointed instead of rounded, but my favorite thing about them is the little black bow. While a cream skirt is usually reserved for spring or summer, I think the leopard flats help make it wearable on a warm October day.

P.S. Every day this week, I will be sharing a different way to style a denim shirt. Check back and let me know which one is your favorite:).


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