style icon: olivia pope

It is Scandal Thursday! (I have only been waiting since May!) Scandal is my absolute favorite show right now. I want to BE Olivia Pope when I grow up! :) Besides the fact that she is a smart, strong woman, she has a killer wardrobe. While everyone else in Washington tends to wear black and other dark colors, Ms. Pope is always dressed in soft and creamy neutrals. My favorite thing about Olivia’s wardrobe is her coat collection. Costume designer Lyn Paolo often accessories the stylish draped coats or capes with long gloves and the look is perfection!

P.S. I think I would also like to be Lyn Paolo when I grow up. :) What a fun job!

P.P.S. There are rumors about a Scandal fashion line and I am already freaking out!

style icon

1. Short Drape Coat  2. Belted Wrap Coat  3. Two Tone Drape Coat  4. ‘Marla’ Cutaway Wrap Coat

5. Ted Baker Short Coat  6. Corby Coat  7. Teddy Viggae Coat  8. Mini Texture Drape Coat


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