i’ll miss you until we meet again

My sister is moving to Texas! Not this one, this one. And so, it was only fitting that we threw her a going away party… ice cream social style:) This is the second going away party I’ve had to throw for one of my sisters this year. While I do love party planning…

It is definitely something I got from my mom. She always threw the.BEST parties for us while we were growing up. She spent so much time thinking of the perfect theme, creating the cutest invitations, and decorating the house (or backyard) beautifully. My mom .always. made us feel so special and so loved and because of her, I enjoy trying to make others feel that way. After all, love is spelled t-i-m-e, right? : )

…I don’t love the fact that, once again, one of my best friends in the whole entire world is leaving me. :'( The good news is that she is only a plane ride away and now I have an excuse to buy these.

linds invite

My sister, Hannah, made the cutest invites to send to our family and friends

texas 1

texas 4

texas 2

texas 3


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